Indutrade’s history dates back to 1978. Since then, we have acquired hundreds of companies. Our basic principles – that still apply in the Group today – are decentralisation, low risk, structure, entrepreneurship and profitable growth through acquisition.
Indutrade is founded
Indutrade is named
Stock market launch


Indutrade continued to strengthen its strategic platform, not least through the launch of the new Group structure, which in the long term will enhance the Groups ability to achieve sustainable, profitable growth. Nine well-managed companies were acquired. 


Despite challenges associated with disturbances in the supply chains, component shortages and a troubled world situation as a result of the war in Ukraine, Indutrade had a very strong financial performance and achieved record-high sales and EBITA margin. Indutrade acquired 16 companies in 2022.


Despite covid-19 and challenges associated with disruptions in supply chains, Indutrades performance was exceptional, with growth in all business areas and record-high earnings. 17 companies are acquired one of which the first ever in Italy.


The year 2020 is characterised by uncertainty, mainly as a result of the covid-19 pandemic. Ten companies are acquired with combined sales of approximately SEK 825 million. By establishing long-term objectives for the three focus areas – people, the environment and profitable growth – the sustainability work is strengthened.  


Indutrade acquired 15 companies in 2019, with combined sales of approximately SEK 1.5 billion. Indutrade becomes signatory of the UN Global Compact and committs to actively promoting the principles on human rights, working conditions, environment and anti-corruption. 


Indutrade acquired nine companies in 2018, with combined sales of approximately SEK 660 million.


Bo Annvik appointed new CEO. Twelve acquisitions were made, with total annual sales of SEK 1,270 million.


Further expansion in the UK and Scandinavia. Eleven acquisitions were made, with total annual sales of SEK 1,130 million.


Thirteen acquisitions were made, with total annual sales of SEK 1.2 billion, most of those in Sweden and the UK.


Expansion in the UK through acquisition of five new companies. Twelve companies were acquired with total annual sales of SEK 770 million.


Establishment in Ireland. Indutrade establishes an operation in Ireland, and simultaneously strengthens its UK presence. Eight companies are acquired, with sales totalling SEK 500 million.

In 2012, Indutrade passes the SEK 8 billion mark with a wide margin and has its highest sales ever.


Highest sales ever. Indutrade passes the SEK 8 billion mark with a wide margin. Twelve companies are acquired, and two new countries are added.


Eleven acquisitions. The acquired companies generate overall sales of some SEK 700 million.


Acquisitions valued at SEK 1 billion and foothold in Switzerland. Nine companies are acquired with overall sales of some SEK 1 billion. Indutrade Switzerland is founded when the Abima Group is acquired in January 2011.


Expansion in Asia. Indutrade expands its presence in Asia through the acquisition of Key Valve Technologies in South Korea.


New markets in Asia, the US and South America. Nine companies are acquired and Indutrade establishes its own operations in Asia, the US and South America through acquisition of the Flintec Group.


First non-Nordic market. Twelve companies are acquired, one of them in the UK. Indutrade has thus entered a new market outside the Nordic region.


Eight new companies. Indutrade acquires eight companies – five in Sweden, and three in Finland.

Indutrade is launched on the stock exchange in October 2005.


Stock market launch. Indutrade acquires the Dutch engineering Group Hanwel Europe B.V, Swedish technology sales companies Satron and Saniflex and Finnish technology sales company Puwimex. Indutrade is launched on the stock exchange in October.


Johnny Alvarsson appointed new CEO. Gunnar Tindberg retires but remains a member of Indutrade’s Board of Directors.


Increased growth in Finland. Growth continues through acquisitions in the Finnish market. These include the acquisition of Kontram, which holds a strong position in the instrument market.


Largest acquisitions in Indutrade’s history. Indutrade acquires Hexagon’s business groupings Fagerberg (including GEFA), EIE, Tecalemit and Pentronic, which mainly operate in the flow technology sector. Overall, these acquisitions are the largest in Indutrade’s history.


Flow technology and cutting tools. Complementary acquisitions are conducted in the flow technology and cutting tool sectors.


Own companies in the Baltic region. Indutrade establishes its own companies in the Baltic region to market selected parts of the Group’s range in these emerging markets.


Growth in flow technology. The acquisition of Alnab marks the start of Indutrade’s growth in flow technology, which is now one of the Group’s business areas.


Severe economic downturn. Extensive cost-saving measures are taken to combat the severe economic downturn. Earnings are positive again in the following year.


Indutrade is named. Industrivärden acquires AB Nils Dacke. The light engineering operation is divested, but Industrivärden retains the technology sales operation, Dacke Komponent, and changes its name to Indutrade.


Establishment in the Benelux region. Dacke Komponent establishes operations in the Benelux region through acquisition of the Dutch Group Hitma.


Bloch & Andresen is acquired. Dacke Komponent acquires the Danish listed Group, Bloch & Andresen.


Expansion into markets outside Sweden. The business expands into markets outside Sweden through AB Nils Dacke’s acquisition of the Colly Group, which has operations in Sweden, Finland and Denmark. Gunnar Tindberg is appointed head of the Dacke Komponent business unit, which includes Bengtssons Maskin, Carlsson & Möller and the Colly Group.


AB Nils Dacke is formed from Wilhelm Sonesson AB, and is admitted to trading on the stock exchange. AB Nils Dacke initially had net sales of approximately SEK 200 million, and primarily consisted of companies Karner, Rapid, Järn & Stålprodukter, Bengtssons Maskin, Carlsson & Möller and Sonesson Trading. These form the foundation for the company that is now known as Indutrade.


First step. Entrepreneur Gunnar Tindberg and his family divest Bengtssons Maskin to the listed, Skåne-based company, Wilhelm Sonesson AB AB. Gunnar Tindberg remains as President of Bengtssons Maskin.