Increasing Energy Efficiency with Accurate Shaft Power Meter Data

Read more about how Datum Electronics can help ship owners and vessel operators improve energy efficiency of their fleets and save fuel, with the help of accurate shaft power meter data.

Aimed at addressing greenhouse gas emissions from shipping, IMO* adopted two major energy efficiency measures, which came into force in 2013. The Energy Efficiency Design Index is for new ships only, whilst the Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plan was designed for all ships.

Energy efficiency is the most-cost effective way of reducing carbon footprint

“For the past 30 years Datum Electronics have been developing, manufacturing and supplying products, aimed at improving maintenance programs, reducing unplanned downtimes and complying with stringent regulations. Everything we do is with the goal of helping our customers improve energy efficiency of their products services across many industries, including automotive, marine, offshore, civil engineering, to name a few”, says Malcolm Habens, Technical Director of Datum Electronics.

One of the products Datum Electronics offers for the marine market is a Shaft Power Meter. Utilising cutting-edge strain gauge technology, the system is highly reliable, accurate and completely contactless. It is specifically designed to measure torque, speed, power and thrust in real time, providing ship owners and operators with accurate and reliable data for verifying and validating new energy efficiency measures, implemented by IMO. Used this way, the shaft power meter is an essential tool for monitoring an increase or decrease in efficiency of the vessel during the voyage.

Unlike other systems, the Datum Shaft Power Meter is completely modular, providing short lead times for our clients, who in many cases are time sensitive due to the busy schedule of their ships. The installation in most cases takes 1-2 days and after that system does not required maintenance or recalibration, saving further time and money for ship owners and operators.

Condition monitoring is the future of vessel efficiency and maintenance

“Our shaft power meter has received a lot of positive feedback in the last decade and we’ve been honoured to work with multinational companies, like Oldendorff, contributing to the environmentally friendly strategy for their vessels. However, we are not prepared to stop here, so we are continuing to work on a new technology, that helps optimise fuel consumption, reduce emissions and improve maintenance even further. We expect to launch this new product in the Q1 2020 and we believe it will become a critical element of a vessel’s performance monitoring”, said Mark Gladdis, Marine Product Manager at Datum Electronics. 

*IMO – the International Maritime Organization – is the United Nations specialized agency with responsibility for the safety and security of shipping and the prevention of marine and atmospheric pollution by ships.

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