Dasa – a leader in vehicle electrification

Sustainability has always been an integral part of Dasa's operations. The company's first product was a bucking computer for forestry vehicles, which helped make the industry more ecological, economical and socially sustainable.

Dasa Control Systems AB has also applied a sustainability perspective to the new business areas it has added since its inception. Sustainability is thus also a key component of its future growth plans.

Strategic collaboration

Via strategic collaboration with the German company, STW, Dasa is developing vehicle electrification solutions for mobile machinery and commercial vehicles. By combining the expertise of each company, it will be possible to offer sustainable solutions for drivelines and intelligent control systems that help in lowering emissions and improving work environments.

The collaboration has helped put Dasa on the cutting edge of vehicle electrification and it has a unique opportunity for winning market share before major global competitors are able to catch up.

Sustainability in its own operations

Sustainability is also a key focus area in Dasa's own operations in terms of such things as energy consumption and recycling. Furthermore, Dasa has made dedicated efforts to improve gender balance within the company. Traditionally, this has been a male-dominated industry. Nevertheless, 25% of Dasa's employees are female and 50% of its senior executives are female.

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