Broad market provides stability

Indutrade's sales are made in many product areas and to customers from an array of sectors and countries. This broad spread reduces the Group's sensitivity to fluctuations in the economy.

Indutrade is a technology sales company active primarily in the northern European market for industrial components, systems and services. In this market, sales are made either directly through the manufacturers’ own sales organisations, or indirectly through technology sales companies and wholesalers.  

Technology sales companies differ from wholesalers in that they offer technical advice, customised solutions and generally more technologically advanced products. In addition, technology sales companies often offer high-quality support, training and other aftermarket services. From the manufacturer’s perspective, working through a technology sales company is like having an own sales organisation.

The market can be broken down into products for recurring needs and products of an investment nature. Products for recurring needs generate more stable revenue flows. Indutrade focuses on products for recurring needs with a high-tech content in selected niches. Indutrade's spread of business over various product segments is reasonably well balanced. The three largest product groups are valves, hydraulics and industrial equipment, and measurement/analysis instruments. 

Indutrade conducts business in 26 countries. In 2013 the Group’s three most important geographic markets, Sweden, Finland and Benelux, together accounted for about 56% of consolidated net sales. 

Indutrade's sales are made to many different industries, each of which is affected differently by a certain economic climate. This means that, compared with other companies with similar operations, Indutrade’s profitability is normally less sensitive to economic swings. The three largest sectors for Indutrade are engineering, pharmaceuticals and energy.  

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