Long heritage of responsible business

Indutrade strives for sustainable development, which entails giving consideration to long-term environmental aspects as well as to maintaining a balance between social and economic demands. The Group strives to develop and maintain profitable, long-term sustainable business, with products and services that meet or exceed customers' expecations.

In response to rising demands in recent years for general improvements in the environment and more effective energy generation, together with growth in international trade, Indutrade is increasingly focusing on industrial segments such as energy, water and wastewater, and the environment. Indutrade gives priority to products that help industries measure, regulate, control and streamline their processes, along with products that support industries' environmental requirements and energy needs.  

Our mission and strategies should support constructive environmental work and social responsibility also in the Group's own organisation. Indutrade's long history of doing responsible business is a compelling obligation for the future. The Group's business is based on long-term, strong relationships with customers and suppliers, good ethics and respect for all individuals within the Company as well as in external contacts. As in other parts of the Group's operations, the concrete work with the environment and corporate social responsibility is highly decentralised. As support for the subsidiaries in their work in this regard is a Group-wide policy for social responsibility and environmental work.  

Continuous environmental improvements
The goal is to continuously minimise the environmental impact of operations through the use of environmental plans and systematic improvement work. A fundamental aspect of this is an approach that leads to long-term sustainable development. This means that the companies all strive for high efficiency in the use of energy and natural resources, that they promote systems for recycling and reusing material and energy, and that they prevent and limit pollution. The ambition is to be highly responsive to customers' and suppliers' preferences and thereby be able to meet the environmental standards made by the market. 

The Group strives for transparent reporting with respect to its successes as well as to any problems that may arise in the environmental area. Indutrade's core business involves trade and distribution, however, the share of the Group's companies that conduct own manufacturing has risen. Indutrade's environmental impact is thus limited and mainly arises through transports of finished products, business travel and waste management.  

Some of the Group’s subsidiaries are certified according to ISO 14001. Certification processes are conducted if warranted by demands from customers or suppliers. However, even subsidiaries without any certification conduct systematic environmental work focused on continuous improvement. 

Ten of the Group's Swedish subsidiaries conduct operations requiring permits according to the Environmental Code. Of the Group's foreign subsidiaries, three conduct operations with similar requirements for permits or notification.  

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